Human beings spend about 80% their time indoor areas. Therefore interior architecture becomes to a large degree responsible for health and performance for million people all over the world. spAce has started operations focusing on interior architectural design, which branch is actually a new-comer into Latin America world.

We interpret this indoors space as the great tool to establish an emotional connection with users as well as to help improving life conditions for an always larger number of human beings.

Along several years we have aimed our efforts on this interior architectural design implementing successful five-continental projects embracing such areas as:

  • Corporate spaces
  • Schooling spaces
  • Health-caring spaces
  • Commercial spaces & malls

We have kept in mind our original purpose to remain forefront and so we have developed the right tools and interdisciplinary strategies which allow us to clearly understand our customers, their projects and specific requirements, always providing them with a fresh and innovative outlook.


As a natural result of our own evolution, in spAce we started several years ago by designing not only interior spaces but also the containers to these spaces.

Thinking as from a far from tradition philosophy, in spAce we firmly deem that architecture must be the result of an equation which deeply analyzes indoors space, takes into account environmental factors, fetches context and at the end sums up these internal plus external resulting in Architecture.


Beholding a universe in which the problems and difficulties to cope with become everyday more complex and demand even greater interdisciplinary resources in order to clear up, we who are engaged to find these solutions need indeed to develop research toil which might generate a real intelligence value about those solutions we have proposed.

Aimed to this and having in mind that success for projects has a lot to do with those interdisciplinary resources, spAce has implemented a specialized research area which works together in alliance with lighting laboratories, college and international experts highly-recognized all over the world and so focused on evidence-based design. This way we maintain that special imprint spAce has made of its own and bestowed to every single project to this day.

Change Management

spAce is the most experienced firm working interior renewing and change. Driven by passion we enjoy keep on stepping ahead and being the number one in our work scope.

For years we have found how hard it can be for any organization when time comes to change space. Whereby we have developed an ushering methodology specially created to help their collaborators-users get accustomed to those brand new conditions in a lesser transitional time.

Nowadays voices are heard to the inside of corporate groups asserting Change Management as a foremost tool for their self-survival. Change is the concept which denotes the transition process from one condition to another. Or the transformation the whole thing suffers to be turned into something different or even opposite.

Our Change Management service has been built as a process which includes the using of well-structured tools to lead up people when time for change comes, in the lesser problematical way able to achieve the best expected long-lasting accomplishment.

Some of the benefits involved in Change Management are:

  • Cost downsizing
  • Health caring and enrichment
  • Organizational integration
  • Innovation furtherance
  • Productivity caring
  • Compromise bring about 
  • Communication channeling
  • Leadership growing
  • Stress level depletion

Wellness & Sustainability

We have generated a unique methodology we call the Green Scale in which all, absolutely all projects have the potential to be green to some degree. Each project and /or client’s commitment level is defined as part of this methodology. The Green Scale consists of three levels:

  • LIGHT GREEN: seeks after energy savings and rational use of resources.  
  • MEDIUM GREEN: in addition to what has been done in light green; the project is to be carried out with eco specifications as well as technology investments in order to increase energy savings which are to be thoroughly analyzed.  
  • DARK GREEN: this level of commitment implies fulfilling projects with LEED certification. It applies to clients and /or projects with a high level of ecological awareness and commitment.  


Aware of the compromise we have acquired in front of our country and society, spAce has created SOCIAL SPACE, in order to work Pro-bonus projects aimed to non-profit organizations mainly focused on schooling projects.